Yoga Hammock Yoga Harness Hammock Non-elastic Aerial Yoga Pull Rope Darkpurple UHZSFVTEW

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1. Hammock configuration: main bed (with 6 handles, 2 locks on the 8th) + 2 high-strength polyester chrysanthemum ropes + 2 stainless steel fixed hanging plates (with 8 bolts), loading capacity 441 pounds (200 kg); Bed material: 210t nylon (parachute cloth), size: about 98 inches × 59 inches (length: 2.5 meters × width: 1.5 meters)2. Fitness mode: aerial yoga can make the practitioner feel the body weight deepening and body stretching; and anti-gravity yoga is a combination of dance, Pilates and aerobics exercises, including upside down and swing, can make people's body organs The system is more acute, and the inverted type is the representative of anti-gravity yoga, known as the king of yoga.3. Fitness effect: In the aerial yoga training, what is the advantage of inverted posture for the body It helps the blood flow back in the head, relaxes the muscles, relieves the pressure on the spinal discs and ligaments, helps relieve back pressure, eliminates fatigue and relaxes the entire body.4. Special effects: inverted fitness method is very effective for weight loss and anxiety, insomnia and other arthritis symptoms5. Easy to use: Yoga harness hammock is light, easy to carry and store, easy to install, suitable for travel or outdoor use, not only for yoga studios, gyms, but also for fresh outdoor air or home.

The aerial yoga hammock hangs two points to form a U shaped hammock that allows your body to rely on, rely on and fly. for
You can enjoy the joy of aerial yoga, please read the following instructions carefully:
The attachment of the hammock auxiliary parts must be installed by a professional.
Notes on using a hammock:
1. Anti-gravity yoga hammocks need to be practiced with the coach when using them, so as not to cause sports injuries during exercise.
2. Do not use excessive force during use to avoid joint breakage.
3. The support point of the hanging hammock must be firm and the suspension height should not exceed 1m to prevent accidental fall and injury.
4. Do not pull the bed to the support point with sharp objects to avoid damage to the rope.
5. Avoid damage to the hammock with buttons or sharp objects that you carry with you.
6. Please check the hammock and draw the rope before use. The shorter the distance between the ropes, the better.
7. The fabric of this product is not fireproof, please keep away from fire.
8. Pay attention to the clean and flat ground around the hammock, avoiding the location where there are gravel, branches and other hard objects (try to
Used on the grass).
1. Always check the ropes at both ends to prevent excessive wear.
2, it is forbidden to swing back and forth greatly, so as to avoid the unnecessary damage caused by the rapid breakage of the ropes at both ends!
3. Please pay attention to personal safety during leisure and entertainment.

Yoga Hammock Yoga Harness Hammock Non-elastic Aerial Yoga Pull Rope Darkpurple UHZSFVTEW

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