Waka Waka Power Solar Charger Yellow YQKBEXKJE

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Full battery after 12-24 hrs. in the sun or if mains 5 hrs.Completely charges a smartphone in ~2 hrs.Flexible positioning: table top, on a bottle, hanging from the ceilingSOS emergency beacon4 light settings: from 5 to 75 lumen

The WakaWaka Power+ is a durable, lightweight and compact solar charger that is capable of charging virtually any type of (smart) phone or small electronic device within just a few hours via USB ports and providing up to 150 hours of safe, sustainable light. Buy a WakaWaka product and share the sun with people living without access to electricity For WakaWaka, it’s not just about making sales - WakaWaka has a mission. They believe that access to energy, having power, is a basic human right and is essential in everybody’s life. Access to energy, means access to education, communication, and income generating opportunities. As a result, the of the world’s population that live without energy, face serious consequences in their socio-economic development. With WakaWaka, everybody is able to tab into the energy of the sun, whether its survivors of catastrophic earthquakes or office commuters, they can all make use of solar products with the exact same WakaWaka design and quality. To date, over 270.000 WakaWaka products have been donated to less developed regions in Africa, war-torn areas like Syria and countries hit by natural disasters such as Haiti and Philippines.

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Waka Waka Power Solar Charger Yellow YQKBEXKJE

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