Campingaz Camp Bistro DLX Stopgaz 2000009655 Gas Stove Blue XL VTLVNOENJ

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Compact and: Easy to use table cooker (2,200W) with Leistungss strength with piezo ignition, the flame is individually adjustable, with strong stainless steel pot support includedMaximum security: Stopgaz system-the built in security Vorkehrung stops the flow of gas, when no flame burns, reliable overheat protectionDesigned for comfortable use and protection: works with Campingaz gas cartridge CP 250, the during operation in integrated cartridge compartment go away, transportation case included for easyWorldwide Availability: Campingaz has a global distributor mesh for in over 50countries), gas guide located on 37x 29x 13cm; Gas Consumption 160g/h, running time: 1hour and 25minutes; Weight 1.8kg, suitable for pans/Pot sizes 12-26cm not suitable for use in enclosed spaces

'Campingaz Camp Bistro DLX camping stove gas stop. The line of tools in the camp Bistro are very powerful in performance, practical and is perfect for picnics, day trips and any occasion where you do not want to miss out on a freshly prepared meal. while you travel. A handy little table top grill, can be super light but sturdy. Areas of Use: Camping, events, picnic, balcony More overheating protection: Due to the ventilation slits between glass stove cartridge is any heat away. It provides a better protection, like with comparable devices without slots. Cartridge Fuse: thanks to the lever next to the gas regulator, the gas supply interrupted or can. The gas stop system is a built in security Vorkehrung that the gas flow stops when no flame is burning hot. If you want to make it maker over the piezo igniter, in no time at, be opened around the gas flow to help create an air vent in the device. The heat of the flame produces a electrical pulse to hold the valve open. If you are wind or other external influences, bring to a Erlischen, cools the heat on the inside for shut-off valve and no electrical charge more. This closes the valve and the gas flow is stopped.Stainless Steel Pot for easy cleaning. Boiling time for 1litre water approx 6minutes. Matching Gas Cartridge Campingaz CP250cartridge (available separately). Piezo ignition. Continuously adjustable regulator for comfortable adjustment of the heat. Not suitable for use in enclosed spaces. Supplied with plastic case with carry handle. Dimensions: 37x 29x 13cm, weight: 1.8kg

Campingaz Camp Bistro DLX Stopgaz 2000009655 Gas Stove Blue XL VTLVNOENJ

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