Caliber Stealth road rim 700c 16 8H silver CZIWXKOGM

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Anodised Black all over with CNC brake surfaces and Black laser graphics or polished Silver with CNC brake surfaces and Silver laser graphics.

Note: Colour anodising on brake surface will wear with brake pad contact.

16H, 20H or 24H with regular spaced drilling.
or 16/8E (*24H with even spaced 2:1 offset drilling).

38mm deep section.
Smooth sleeved joint system.
18mm width

16/8E explained:
The hub offers an extra wide offset left hand non drive spoke flange (to increase the A-frame type support structure of the spokes to the rim) and counter balances the,common,resulting uneven spoke tension problem by having only 8 spokes on the heavily offset side vs 16 on the almost straight dished drive side.

The rim and the hub have been specially drilled to accommodate the 16/8E configuration to result in the spokes being Evenly spaced in the rim's circumference.

All of the rear spokes are crossed to provide a tangential structure to spread the drive torque throughout all of the 24 spokes (rather than having some spokes in a radial configuration that are unable to effectively help transfer torque drive from the hub to the rim).

Halo's theory being that if you spread the drive torque over all 24 of the rear spokes (rather than just some of the spokes on the drive side alone), then this further divides it up, and thus reduces the torque transferred to each spoke.

Recommended Spoke Tensions:
Non Disc wheels:

Front: 80 to 100Kgs Rear: 100 to 135Kgs.

Disc brake wheels:

Front and Rear: 100 to 135Kgs.

Drillings 20H, 24H, 32H or 16/8E (24H with even spaced 2:1 offset drilling)
Eyelets None
ERD 563mm
Colour Anodised Black or Polished Silver with stealth graphics

Caliber Stealth road rim 700c 16 8H silver CZIWXKOGM

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