Bluefinity Self-Massaging Roller KERMGDDSV

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Blue massage roller made of extra-thick foam for balance and strength training as well as for stretching and rehabilitation exercises29 cm-long fitness roller for all muscle groups - The grooved surface strengthens vibrations and increases blood circulationLight-weight: The rollers are ideal for use at home and on-the-go - Easily bring them to the gym or pilates or yoga studioPromotes circulation of connective tissue - Loosens stuck fascia, relaxes muscles and prevents muscle crampsCorrect use can relax the back, arms and legs and strengthen muscles - Prevents aches and pain

Prevent Tension, Pain And Poor Posture And Train Your Muscles With This Sturdy Massage Roller! The Thick, Pressed Foam Is Suitable For Countless Exercises, And The Roller Can Be Used To Improve Balance, Strengthen Muscles And Improve Blood Circulation. By Using It Just A Few Minutes A Week, You Can Make Valuable Contributions To Your Health And Wellbeing. The Training Roller Stimulates The Blood Flow Particularly Intensively And Thus Increases Muscle Relaxation. As A Result, Overworked Muscles Recover More Quickly, Sticky Fascia Relaxes And Tension Is Prevented. This Allows You To Avoid Muscle Soreness After Training And Combat Pain Caused By Muscle Strain. Note: If You Have Never Used A Similar Massage Roller Before, Consult A Physician Or Physiotherapist With Any Questions. Details On The Pilates Roller Diameter: Approx15 Cm Length: Choose From: 30 Cm, 45 Cm, Or60 Cm Weight: Either 210 G (30 Cm), 330 G (45 Cm) Or 420 G (60 Cm) 30 Cm-Long Roller Includes Travel Bag Material: Polypropylene Foam Hardness Level: Middle (60-65) Maximum Capacity: Approx 150 Kg Not Flammable, No Softening Agents Or Dyes Colour: Blue Massage Roller For Fascia Training Equipment For Warming Up Muscles Or For Muscle Relaxation After Exercising For Relaxation For Increased Wellness - Prevents Tension And Pain Extremely Robust, Smell-Neutral, Abrasion-Proof, Easy To Clean For Large Muscle Groups Like The Upper And Lower Back, Calves And Thighs Many Uses For Balance And Strength Training Included In Delivery 1 Massage Roller Travel Bag (Only For 30 Cm-Long Roller) Decorative Items Shown In Product Photos Are Not Included

Bluefinity Self-Massaging Roller KERMGDDSV

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