BeSmart Lifters Knee Sleeves Pair Free Wrist Wraps Strap Crossfit Powerlifting Squatting UIMDOZVHE

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Knee Sleeves:- Keep your knees warm and comfortable during any type of training activity,Compression and support and to promote faster recovery from injuryKnee Sleeves:- Neoprene with nylon stretch to prevent cracking,Support & Compression for Weightlifting, Powerlifting & CrossFitKnee Sleeves:- Neoprene Sleeve for the Best Squats - Both Women & MenWeight Lifting Straps:- Be Smart Padded Weight Lifting Hand Bar Straps made of high quality 100% cotton material. Neoprene Padding cushions the wrist during heavy lifting. Strap is made from heavy duty cotton and Grip rubber for added strength.Weight Lifting Straps:- When using the strap, rubber strip side must always face the bar. 1.5 wide & 22 extended length allows you to wrap the bar several times Absorbs Moisture.

Think Smart, Play Smart, Be Smart. Knee Sleeves (Pair) Powerlifting Weightlifting Patella Support Brace Protector Sold As Pair 5mm Thick Knee Sleeve:- Be Smart Knee Sleeves designed specifically for strength training, combined with premium neoprene and strengthened seams. The 'Torque' design spreads the stress on the seam during deep knee flexion, allowing for improved support and performance during heavy strength training. Designed for deep knee flexion, the Knee Sleeves use our proprietary spiral seam construction (which reduces stress on the seam), combined with high grade neoprene, and reinforced seams, and present a very different product to that which is currently available on the market. Comfortable contoured fit provides uniform and constant compression Long-lasting durability with stretch nylon-trimmed ends and lock stitch seams Extra-long sleeve for knee and upper shin protection. In addition, to ensure high standards, and availability, our products are manufactured exclusively under stick rules and management. BE SMART Apparel has been developed in conjunction with leading coaches & athletes with the aim of getting the most from strength training and reaching maximum specs for competitive powerlifting. Size Chart: Size Length Width Small 21.5 30.5-35 Medium 23 32.5-37 Large 24.5 34.5-39 XL 26 36.5-41

BeSmart Lifters Knee Sleeves Pair Free Wrist Wraps Strap Crossfit Powerlifting Squatting UIMDOZVHE

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