Berghaus Womens Freeflow 35 Litre Rucksack OPPYGDUHH

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VENTILATED DESIGN - Curved back design maximises air flow across the back, to keep you cool and reduce the build up of heat.FINE-TUNED FIT - Ill-fitting packs can rub and feel uncomfortable, but this pack's range of adjustable features means your load feels way lighter.HYDRATION ON TAP - You can stay hydrated on your adventures because it's been specially designed to be compatible with a hydration system.

The Free flow 25 rucksack keeps you cooler and more comfortable than ever, with a unique new back design that maximizes airflow and comfort and reduces the build-up of heat and sweat. The innovative design ensures minimal contact between the pack and your back, allowing significantly more air to flow and keeping your back cooler than a close-fitting rucksack. So you stay cool and dry - free to enjoy your day without distraction.

Berghaus Womens Freeflow 35 Litre Rucksack OPPYGDUHH

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