BeiBao 50L40L60L Outdoor Waterproof Climbing Bag Backpack Camping Packet 40l UKFACZCBH

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Capacity: 40L 50L 60L, a variety of options, according to the length of the road free choiceMaterial: anti-splashing nylon, fabric soft and comfortable, with good breathable performance, bear the comfort.Carrying system: multi-function carrying system to meet the diverse needs of outdoor travel.Auxiliary design: convergence with car suture reinforcement, plug-in system is strong, can be suspended and other items.Suitable places: mountaineering, camping, trekking, fishing, riding, schooling and so on.

Material: nylon

Applicable gender: male and female general

Color Classification: Red Purple Green Black Dark Blue Sky Blue Orange Lake Blue

Carrying the system structure: soft package

Capacity: 40 liters [send rain cover] 50 liters [send rain cover] 60 liters [send rain cover]

Strap root number: double root

Open the lid way: zipper


1. Shoulder strap tightening system, ergonomic design concept.

2. Carry the system for the CR strong carrying system, can make a good weight transmission, V-shaped structure to ensure the free rotation of the buttocks, the freedom of the human body to be small, backpack shaking small.

3. Backpack back, shoulder strap, belt are breathable mesh, with a dry and good breathable performance.

4. Mountaineer device, wear rain cover.

5. Under the side of the bag with nylon fabric, anti-tear wear.

6. Side of the zipper bag can put a variety of debris.

7. Custom anti-corrosion zipper

8. Side of the ribbon buckle, plug-in fixed more easily, chest with emergency whistle.

Packing: a rain cover; a mountaineering bag.

BeiBao 50L40L60L Outdoor Waterproof Climbing Bag Backpack Camping Packet 40l UKFACZCBH

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