BE-X Ultralight Titanium Mug Cookware 500ml with Lid ZDRYRHWVE

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Extremely lightweight, durable titanium cookware, weighs only 85g.

The pot holds roundabout 500ml of water, which is sufficient to cook coffee / tea or cook a instant-ready meal. The pot provides enough space to transport a small cup / mug, our titanium hexamine stove, a titanium spork, a few hexamine tablets, tea / coffee / sugar and matches. Thus, one can have a complete cooking set in a small space with him.

We have tested the kit extensively, both with denaturated alcohol, hard fuel/hexamine and wood burning (Hobo-Stove), the set has convinced us totaly. From the morning coffee to water for the famous/infamous 5-minute-meals to the legendary German Erbswurst we managed to pull a great meal with it!

We recommend the set especially for weight-conscious mountaineers, but also as accessoire to our (larger) one-man cookware.

The total of the shipping costs and the delivery time of 3-4 days to the UK is based on the warehouse of the seller BEGADI which is located in Germany.

BE-X Ultralight Titanium Mug Cookware 500ml with Lid ZDRYRHWVE

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