Base Camp ACE Cycle Helmet Road Bike Aero Helmet DKRSSBGXZ

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Super-ventilated: ACE utilizes the Venturi Effect via an air channeling system that pulls in cool air in from the top and pushes heat out through the rear exhaust system, perfect for any length group ride or sportive year round.Aerodynamic Advantage: Droplet shape offers extremely low aerodynamic drag regardless of rider position.Comfort: Removable internal padding was designed for easy maintenance and enhanced fit for both men and women.Ultralight and Strong: Low and high speed impact-tuned EPS construction and toughened polycarbonate shell.Highly Adjustable: Suitable For Head Circumference from 22 to 24.5 inches, Basecamp ACE Helmet fits most standard adult sizes thanks the RTS Fit System.

With cutting-edge design,the BASECAMP ACE is the ultimate lightweight road helmet, combining great ventilation, aerodynamic design, high-performance pad, micro-dial and ultra-light construction for the best all-around performance.

1.Material: Deluxe EPS+High Quality PC
3.Helmet size: Single Universal Size (suitable head circumference 22-24.5inches)
4.Helmet net weight: 255g(9.0 ounces)
5.Package Includes:1 X Basecamp ACE Bicycle helmet

Designed In France
The ACE's aerodynamic design provides incomparable performance in the wind tunnel compared to other similar road helmets.Thanks to the design, keep your head fresh and save you energy with every pedal stroke.

Your safety is our top priority

Integral Moulding Technology makes the helmet in one piece, and insure the helmet can absorb the impact force in the crash and keep your head safe.
A polycarbonate microshell lined with EPS foam to create an ultra lightweight helmet.

Keep Cool

Only 40% of the head will be in contact with the helmet when you're wearing it. This allows the other 60% to benefit from the optimised airflow passing through the internal cavity, keeping you cooler as you ride.

RTS FIT SYSTEM, which has micro-metric adjustment.

Poviding a comfortable and snug fit.
The contact points have a larger cradle surface.
Designed to keep weight low.
Quick-adjust fasteners help keep straps flat and properly positioned.
Suitable For Head Circumference from 22 to 24.5inches.

Base Camp ACE Cycle Helmet Road Bike Aero Helmet DKRSSBGXZ

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