Backpack with Solar USB Charger and Bag 2 Litres of Water TLBWINLTM

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Backpack with USB charging, and the output of the solar panel: 5V 6.5W solar chargerHot Water Bottle with 2litre maximum capacity, equipped with hose and bite valve (Camelbak) BPA Free.The occasional rain and snow resistant, it is not designed for diving under water.Features a protective rain (cover)Detachable solar panel internal elastic band to hold your mobile device from 4.7and 5.5

Complete and modern Solar Backpack for that you do not run out battery whether you're going to the beach as to the mountain, if emprendes A Trip Or Going To Do The Route Of Santiago, if activity cycling, hiking or other sports, if you like Go Camping and hiking in any of the cases, but spend many hours outside, no longer run out of battery. This backpack has a solar panel that charges a battery to which you can connect your mobile devices and appliances, so that you're always connected. This Gadget Is The Dream of any backpacker traveller, man or woman, because its design is unisex. An ideal gift. Practical and durable addition of its energy efficiency, this backpack has other attributes that make it very interesting. Incorporates a 2liter water bag with a cane for drinking during the journey. Features multiple compartments and pockets, external addition of tapes for MOLLE and other bags. It is lightweight and weather-resistant and the occasional rain (should not be submerged in water), and features a protector for the rain. Never a backpack was more complete. Product Features: Resistant to the occasional rain and snow. It is not designed for diving under the water. The efficiency of the solar panel is exposed to the rays of 100%. The efficiency of charging the solar panel may vary on cloudy days. Solar Panel Charging Output: 5V 6.5W. Working Temperature Range: 0o to 40o C. multiple pockets and compartments. Removable Solar Panel. Internal elastic band to hold the mobile device of 4.7and 5.5. Bag of Water with maximum capacity of 2litres, equipped with hose and bite valve. Camelbak (BPA Free).

Backpack with Solar USB Charger and Bag 2 Litres of Water TLBWINLTM

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