Aqua Quest COOL CAT Insulated Cooler Bag 100 Waterproof Thermal Dry Bag 12L Padded Bag with Shoulder Strap Roll Top Closure KUKVDVYKV

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100% WATERPROOF & THERMAL - The Cool Cat is the Swiss Army Knife of cooler bags. Use it to keep contents hot or cold, as a padded protective case for your camera or other valuables, or for any situation where you'd use a regular dry bag. 12 L capacity comfortably fits 12-16 cans, with ice, when fully closed.DURABLE - Don't let the silky soft feel of the Nylon 66 Fabric fool you - this is one tough cat! Durable fabric + TPU coating + Heat-taped seams + Thermal foam padding + Internal liner + Adjustable and removable shoulder strap = The best thermal cooler bag on Earth.COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT - No need to carry around a bulky hunk of plastic anymore! This foldable cooler bag can compress down to 30 x 13 x 6 cm, so you can tuck it away anywhere when you're not using it, and at a feather-light 420 g, you won't even notice you're carrying it.MORE USEFUL THAN A REGULAR CAT - Compared to any other cats that Aqua Quest tested, the 'Cool Cat' was infinitely better at keeping your drinks icy cold and protecting your valuables. Furthermore, the Aqua Quest 'Cool Cat' won't throw up on your floor, pee on your sofa, or bring home any rodents.2-YEAR WARRANTY: All Aqua Quest products are protected by AQ's Two-Year 'No Worries Warranty'.

Product Description About the Cool Cat Padded Thermal Dry Bag This Cat isn't just cool, it's also got smarts and talent. A competent multitasker, The Cool Cat serves a plethora of purposes: Insulated cooler bag, padded carryall for valuable/breakable items, 100% waterproof dry bag to keep the elements out of your business. Constructed of deceptively-durable Nylon 66 RipStop, with a TPU-coating for enhanced waterproofing and durable hardware for longevity, the Cool Cat also happens to be one tough customer. Ideal for picnic hikes, trips to the beach, grocery shopping or tailgating, the Cool Cat features an adjustable/removable padded shoulder strap and a wide-mouth, roll-top closure. With a 12 L volume, the Cool Cat holds up to 18 355-ml cans, plus ice, when fully closed... and yet it compresses very compact when empty, making it an ideal item to store in your car or backpack for the times you need it most. SPECS & FEATURES Capacity: 12 L Weight: 420 g Primary material: Nylon 66 RipStop with TPU coating Heat-taped seams About Aqua Quest At Aqua Quest, we are passionate about designing and manufacturing the best waterproof gear

Aqua Quest COOL CAT Insulated Cooler Bag 100 Waterproof Thermal Dry Bag 12L Padded Bag with Shoulder Strap Roll Top Closure KUKVDVYKV

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