Alpro Soya Light 1L Case of 8 HIPORERDM

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Alpro is a company with a vision; a vision of a world where more of what we eat comes directly from plants – planet friendly, sustainable and healthy. The voyage of discovery started over 30 years ago with naturally nutritious soya, turning it into plant-based alternatives to milk, yogurt and cream, meat and margarine, so that anyone and everyone could enjoy delicious plant powered foods. Now almond and hazelnut drinks have just been added to our ever-growing list – Alpro still exploring!

Alpro soya Light gives you all the plant-based goodness of our original soya - but with just 27 calories per 100ml you can relax and enjoy a little bit more of what you love. Brighten up your breakfast by pouring it onto cereal, into your morning cup of tea or coffee or whizzing into a smoothie. Start your day the lighter way!

Alpro Soya Light 1L Case of 8 HIPORERDM

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