Alpina A 9672 3 12 Bike Helmet Mythos 2 0 L E GFFHXMFEE

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25ventsInner lining-By The EPS & anti-bacterial guarantees of optimal protection while offering helmet ultra-slim, the slim shape.Alpina ceramic shell, Alpina and alpina edge protect shield protectProtective Net, very practical behind the vents against for protection against insects (FLYNET)Helmet the inner shell is made from expanded polystyrene hi-eps Stark this helmet absorbs shocks a wide selection of pockets Screen meets with air, it perfectly

ALPINA Bicycle Helmet Mythos 2.0-25vents inner lining Anti Bacterial, the HI-EPS guarantees optimal protection while offering headphones Ultra Thin, the slim design.-Alpina Ceramic Shell, Alpina edge protect & Alpina shield protect-Power Ultra practice Rear Air Vents This means that you can the protection of insects (FLYNET)-The case in the inside of the earphone is made of polystyrene HI-EPS Highly expanded this headphones have a lots of useful pockets Screen meets the thermal shock; ideal

Alpina A 9672 3 12 Bike Helmet Mythos 2 0 L E GFFHXMFEE

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