adidas Performance Full Finger Gloves RXTRQRRAX

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Full Protection for Heavy-Duty Weight Training; Added Suede Padding on Palm for Extra Comfort;Minimise Hand Strain and Friction on Free Weights and Weightlifting Equipment; Excellent Grip;Reduces Development of Calluses and Blisters; Material (Back): Nylon (70%), Polyamide (27%);Breathable Fabric; Hook and Loop Closure Secure Fit;(Palm): Polyamide (65%), Polyurethane (35%);Dimensions: Length=21.5cm (8.4), Width=15cm (5.9), Thickness=1cm (0.4);

The adidas Performance full finger gloves are specifically designed to protect your hands during heavy-duty weightlifting sessions, featuring enhanced cushioned protection to minimise the strenuousness and discomfort that hands receive during training. Preventing friction damage to skin, aiding against the formation of calluses and blisters, and alleviating tension thanks to the hook and loop fit that moulds around your hands, these gloves are an ideal asset for your gym training. The gloves are made with special material that encourages airflow and good breathability creating enjoyable workouts in comfort where you can focus without the discomfort of moisture build-up intervening.

adidas Performance Full Finger Gloves RXTRQRRAX

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